Am I the Next Mark Twain?

I'm not the next Mark Twain but came pretty close.

I'm not the next Mark Twain but came pretty close.

No. I am not. However, I was named an honorable mention in a contest. Border’s Bookstores and Harper Studio held a writing contest to finish a Mark Twain short story that was recently found unfinished. In three hundred words or less I did my best, but lost to a man who is a Mark Twain expert. His bio details that he performs as Mark Twain in one-man shows and plays. If I’m going lose to anyone, I’m glad it was that guy.

I liked the contest. The three hundred word limit was a challenge but saved me from stressing if I wrote too much or not enough.

Most of my writing falls into the horror or science fiction genre so this contest was a challenge in that regard. Placing in the top ten just re-emphasized that I have the writing chops to get noticed. Once I’m fiinished with my second revision of BA, I’m goign to pursue ghost story contests and some mainstream ones. Part of building my base is not only writing within the horror genre but also outside of it. I think it allows to work on mainstream/ commercial appeal.

You can view my entry at


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