Novel Revision: Done!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and for good reason. I just finished my third revision of Bleed American. I started in the middle of June and finished literally today, August 31. I’m happy it’s over but it’s not done. If I’m fortunate enough to land an agent – I’m sure they’ll be revision there. If I’m fortunate enough to get a book deal – I guarantee they’ll be another revision. Hell, if I don’t get anything, there might be another revision. From what I read on other agent and writer blogs, revising can go a few more times which is fine as long as leads to publication.

This third revision accomplished a couple things. First, I cut 54 pages or about 22,000 words. How was actually the easy part. As I reread every single page, I had my orange pen (see my Editing post for why orange) and slashed away at redundancy, run-ons, incomplete thoughts, you name it! I overwrote, overextended, tried to be clever even though I wasn’t, and I lost focus. Third time around, it was easy to see what needed to go.  I also felt that I was able to tighten up the plot. I think writing the synopsis might be a little easier, but I think I could capture the conflict in a sentence now. When I wrote a query or synopsis, calling out the conflict was a challenge which should have been a sign early on that some revising needed to take place.

Now that I’m done revising, how am I going to reward myself? By writing queries again! No time like the present. Plus, I’ll be able to blog at least once a week, if not more.

I love to hear from other writers out there about their revising stories.

One of my other objectives is to establish more writing credits. I’m actually intrigued about the idea of going after a literary magazine or something. I love writing genre stories, but I want well rounded in my writing. I also see it as challenge. Sure, it’s tough enough to get published, but to note that I’ve earned credit on a few different avenues must be worth something, right?


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  1. Let me just take a moment to savor the fact that you have climbed above the thousands of other writers out there. You actually get it. You didn't start revising chapter one half way through chapter three. You didn't stop when you realized half way through your cleverness wasn't working out. You wrote the entire rough draft in all its first draftiness, and THEN you edited.


    Which means you didn't assume your story passed through your fingers from God's lips and was perfect on the first try.

    *happy sigh*

    which means you CAN write and the book probably is REALLY good and some agent is going to love it. ^^

    I can't wait to watch.

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