13 Bullets

A new year with new opportunities. I’m still focused on crafting a solid query and targeting agents that have an interest in my area of science fiction. I have had some recent interest in my book and hope that something might be in the works. Much like 2009, this year will be one of patience.

Aside from my query efforts, I just finished 13 Bullets by David Wellington. I read Wellington’s Monster Island so I was already familiar with his writing style. I would consider our writing styles similar in that we are straight-forward storytellers. He doesn’t shift the point-of-view and keeps the plot tight and simple. Not only do I enjoy writing like this, I like reading it too.

13 Bullets was a refreshing read for the vampire genre. Wellington dispels the myth of sexy vampires and creates a world of ugly ones. Jagged, shark like teeth and pointy ears are Wellington’s vampires. You won’t read about any Twlight type vamps in his world; that point alone makes this book a worthy read. 

Laura Caxton is a state trooper that’s a lesbian is pulled into the world of vampire hunting. The fact that Caxton is a lesbian is more of an aside than the focus for Wellington. I appreciate this even though I have no problem with gay characters. Caxton lives a normal life with her dogs and partner only to be pulled into the world of vampire hunting after a traffic accident. The Caxton character is a good match because along the way she figures out what vampires really are in Wellington’s world.

There’s a bit of pyscho-drama that’s pulled into this novel. This makes Caxton a richer character and believable. There’s not a lot as the vampire action eventually overwhelms in the end.

13 Bullets is the first in a series of vampire novels featuring Laura Caxton and will prove to remain interesting since the vampires are not as easy to kill. Though I enjoyed the first book of this series, I’m not sure if I’m in it for long haul. That’s my preference; I’m just not a series type of guy. However, I’m still open for the right one to come along.


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