Armageddon Week

Last week The History Channel set aside episodes about Hitler, Ax Men, and Pawn Stars to showcase documentaries about how the world will end. “Armageddon Week” was fantastic! I don’t why The History Channel doesn’t do more programming like this? Shows like the “Nostradamus Effect”, “Doomsday 2012”, “After Armageddon”, and my personal favorite “Apocalypse Man”. Now, I know this week was created to buy into the 2012 hype, but I found it refreshing from a science fiction point of view.

Right now, science fiction is diluted with space operas, alternate history, and fantasy. I’ve never really been into any of these genres. As mentioned in early posts, I’m dystopian, end of the world type-of-guy. So when “Armageddon Week” came along, I was psyched. I got more out of the documentaries like “After Armageddon” and “Apocalypse Man” because they were dramatized end of the world scenarios. The others were just recycled tidbits about Easter Island, Nostradamus, and Mayan prophecies. What I liked most about “Apocalypse Man” was the survivalist theme that ran through the show. How to set up a base, acquire information, and convert grease into fuel were just some of the topics covered. The host was a little over the top at some points, but still was fun to watch.

I really get a kick out of this stuff. I know I shouldn’t. God forbid, something catastrophic happen! I’m sure I’d forget all the stuff I learned from “Apocalypse Man” and just hide in basement. However, there is something that attracts me to watching civilization fall apart. Maybe it’s sick or maybe it’s my desire to live a simpler life. The U.S. is becoming a lost place. We’re losing our identity as a nation day by day. It’s still better than any other place I can think of to live, but just watching the news I can’ t help wonder what the future holds. Even with technology that surrounds us today, are we any further advanced? I personally think the technology has dumbed a lot of our society. Talk to any high school kid and you’ll know what I mean. (Although, I’m sure I wasn’t all that articulate at 16 either.)

I don’t believe the world will end in 2012. I do believe there will be a chain of events that will affect the world and change everyone. Some for the good and some for the bad. No one really knows and that’s why The History Channel can run Armageddon Week — suckers like me buy into it…hook, line and sinker.

Now I’m off to try to convince my wife of the coming zombie apocalypse. Good luck surviving!




  1. Dear Sir,
    Can I use your picture (used for Armageddon Week”) as a background to my Fire Steel Sparker.
    It is a Magnesium ros, that when scraped sparks come from it.

    • Yeah, sure. I actually found the image from Google Images and searching for Armageddon. Lots of good images out there.

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