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I’ve been struggling big time with getting back into writing. I have a ton of ideas but my focus lately has been queries. I’m determined to see my book published but unfortunately there just aren’t enough hours in the day. If we lived on Mars we’d possibly have a few more hours to work with. However, leaving this planet doesn’t seem to be an option for the moment. Instead, I’ll have to continue to carve out time during the 24 hours here on Earth.

I’m not suffering from lack of creativity. Just following through seems to be the hard part. I know I need to fall back in line with discipline. I’ve been lazy. I’ve watched more TV over the last week or two and read less. I supposed it’s a funk, but I now that I recognize it maybe it’ll be just what I need kickstart a run.

I have a short story in rough draft form than could use editing. I also need to jot the ideas bouncing around in my head before they’re replaced by a grocery list or what time to pick up my son.

Life has a lot do with it. I’m spent. Working a full day. Dinner, dishes, cleaning up, etc. Time with my wife. It’s all good! I love it! But it does take me away from writing. This is a challenge all writers have. This is where committment comes into play and as well as discipline. Oh, and hard work too.

This is just a venting post. I don’t know that I accomplished much other than realizing the words I’m typing would’ve gone towards a short story! Airing this out helps. Writing’s a grind; that’s no secret. I guess part of me forgot that but I’m willing and ready to go at it again.

Nothing new but something fun

Not a whole to report on the finding-an-agent front. I still have a partial with an agent who told me she’d have a decision in March, but came back that it would be May before I learn anything else. I’m not holding my breath on this agent. I imagine there a lot of other people in line with me. So I’ve continued to query other agents with no results.

I’ve also started contacting small publishing houses  that will work with authors directly. Sometimes I think my novel might not be mainstream enough for the masses, or maybe I’ve in out in the cold for too long. The search continues as I’m still focused on doing something with my book.

I also have a short story I’ll be editing soon. As of right now, I’m letting the story”breath”. It’s over month since I wrote it. I’m hoping a fresh set of eyes will lead me to some kind of profound revision that makes it sharp. Then, I’ll either have my wife or a friend take look. I still think it’s important to rack up writing credits so I’m relevant in the market. I’ve thought about starting another novel but I’m still determined to get the first published. I’m not ready to quit just yet. Waiting’s the hardest part – I’ve invested a lot of sweat and time equity so I’m not about to give in and move on.

The best part of this post is the news about my Butler Bulldogs. While they didn’t win it all, it was a heck of run. I’m proud to be a Butler alum, and can’t wait for next season. I was fortunate enough to see the Bulldogs play in January versus Loyola (at Loyola). They won in a close one (much like Monday night’s game). Back then I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the team. Loyola wasn’t that good, and Butler looked soft. Needless to say, it was an off night because they were in the middle of what would become a 25 game winning streak.

Last night they played Duke tough. I’m elated to write that I think Butler will become a powerhouse program of the future. I’m not referring to them as powerhouse mid-major. They beat Syracuse, K-State and Michigan State — they’re for real and no longer a Cinderella.

So while my writing pursuits are stalled, it’s fun to have something like college basketball capture my imagination for a little bit.