Wolverine: X-Men Origins

When I should have been writing or crafting a query, I instead watched Wolverine (X-Men Origins). Comic book movies can be hit or miss. Wolverine was just OK. It wasn’t Iron Man, but it wasn’t Dare Devil either. Acting was pretty good but the story line was a little loose. However, I’m digressing. The movie got me thinking about the character Wolverine. He’s been in countless comic books and a few movies. He embodies the perfect anti-hero. He’s not a good guy or by any stretch a bad guy. He’s just making his way in the world; he’s not out looking to do good deeds or rob a bank.

To put this in a writer’s perspective, the anti-hero provides a number of opportunities. Good, bad or indifferent the character can move seamlessly through a novel (just as long as the writer’s consistent). Personally, I’ve never liked my characters too good or too bad. I like them imperfect which is closer to reality. Are we all anti-heroes? No. Most of the time I believe we’re all doing something good in the world. Especially, if one is connected to society then a character like Wolverine really doesn’t exist nor do his adamantium claws.

I believe anti-heroes work best in science fiction. They’re typically found in dystopias or post-apocalyptic landscapes where the character can only take care of themself. Maybe that’s why I’m seeing this character pop up more often. I state that as a fan and actively look for this type of fiction.


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