Good help is out there

I’ve been actively participating in an online critique group called Critters ( Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction writers only. It works different from other critique groups I’ve looked at. You have to maintain a critique rate of 75%. What that means is that to be active and to have your work critiqued, you have to critique other writers work at least 75% of the time. If you fall short, you get a notice reminding you to step or any you submit won’t be critiqued until you’re at 75%.

So far so good, but I have yet to have anything critiqued. I was out of town for a week and other things like work and life get in the way. It takes discipline but I’ve learned a lot about my own writing while reviewing others.

Another good website for information is SpecFicWorld ( There’s a lot of good resources for world building. I definitely plan on utilizing this for my next writing project.

So I’m currently at a cross roads with my novel. Nothing new to report; just more rejections. I have my sights set on a small press or two. If those don’t work. I’m leaning close to blogging my book and moving onto to my next project. I read an interesting article in Writer’s Digest about a writer encouraging to give up that first novel and move on if the results aren’t there. His advice made sense. You no doubt learn what to do and what not to do. The best thing to do is learn from that experience and put the efforts towards another project. It’s been two years and few near misses but I have to land an agent. I feel that next project coming closer.