Armageddon It! (or my way of getting attention)

I recently noticed a spike in the number of hits I received on my blog. Great, right? Well, kind of. For awhile I enjoyed watching my stats increase week after week for the last couple months. I figured I blogged some really good content other writers were checking out. Turns out that’s not quite the case. I checked out my blog stats and a post from January has been doing most of the heavy lifting.

Seems people love Armageddon more than I do. I guess in the world of Google, Armageddon must be a sought after topic. Cool for me but not for my writing. The post reviewed Armageddon week on the History channel. I like to indulge in occasional apocalyptic entertainment and felt the History channel presenting some decent programming.

This blogs primarily tracks my effort as a writer striving to get published, but I also want to share what interests me. Folks should also get to know my tastes for fiction and what inspires me to write.

As my wife has learned, I like post-apocalyptic fiction (tv, movies, books, music). In most stories I write I try to integrate that setting in some fashion. While it’s fun to imagine a Mad Max type world of survival, it’s far removed from reality. Maybe that’s why I like it – it’s far from my what my real life is like that it’s a true escape.

Lately, I’ve been piecing ideas of what my next novel will be about. I want to jump into a world where the modern life is no more and survival is paramount. Anarchy rules the country, and people set off to fight for land and resources. Yet I’m drifting from that. The world  I’m building is actually alive and kicking. Fully functioning and moving forward, if you will. What I’m exciting about is taking my characters away from their go forward world and placing them in a setting where progress stopped. Imagine if life as we know in 2010 stopped? Progress came to a halt yet the rest of the world moved on. If I had to go back to that world that stopped. what would that be like? That’s the type of Armageddon I’m imagining at this point. I like what I’m flushing out. Wish me luck.


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