I changed my tagline

I ‘ve made some changes to my blog to create better traffic but also to streamline my message of why I have this blog. My most recent update was the tagline. I had tagged this blog as a way to document my path to becoming published. An earnest idea at best, but the reality is that getting published is hard. It’s a long road with lots of detours. I was pretty naive to think this blog would unfold the path of becoming published. The reality is that getting published takes time. Every post (in the beginning) focused on what I was doing to reach my goal. Then, there were gaps. Query letters went out without responses. I revised my novel for the fourth time. But the blog really wasn’t moving forward.

My blog then evolved to include thoughts about writing and reflections about the horror and science fiction genres. I went further to include tips and resources I found about writing. What I have now as a blog is a diversified outlet of information and things I like to discuss. Yes, traffic is picking up (mostly because of my Armageddon Week post), and while I’m not published the focus is still there.

I’ve matured as a writing since I started this blog a year ago. I was certain that it would only take time for my novel to find an agent and then a publisher (try not to laugh too hard!). Now I’ve realized that my goal of becoming published might not look like I thought it did a year. I’m actually OK with this realization. I feel my writing has improved (and will continue to), but more importantly I know patience and persistence are just as important as a good idea.



  1. Wow, I have been trolling the wordpress search engine all day looking for someone like you. Unfortunately I am on my iphone in hawaii and can’t bookmark you for inclusion in my writing blog directory. Hopefully I can backtrack through my comments when I get home and find you again.

    • Yes, please include me in your directory. Looks like a great opportunity. Just let me know if you need anything from me. Thanks!

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