Graphic Novels

I took the recommendation of someone who logged a comment on a post of mine from December. The post was about The Walking Dead television series. I knew of the comic but not necessarily into reading it until I came across it at my local library.

I brought it home Saturday and finished Sunday night. To say the least, it held my interest. As someone who considers himself an aficionado of zombie apocalypses, The Walking Dead holds up. The plot is interesting and so are the characters and there is lot of them. The artwork is solid and well done. I understand why this comic is popular. The zombies aren’t necessarily the focus as are the characters dealing with the new world they’re living in. The comic and the TV shows aren’t all that different. The difference is that the comic moves much faster and doesn’t dwell on too much.

Specifically, a few thoughts on graphic novels. While I did enjoy TWD, I felt cheated by not getting to know the characters. I didn’t feel as invested as I would for a novel. The dialogue is pretty crisp but it’s tiring after a while. There weren’t enough frames that allowed the action to move the story forward.

Keep in mind, I’m new to the graphic novel and my claims really should be taken lightly. I would also add that I read comics as a kid and then a time in my early twenties. But both of those interests faded as I left wanting more from the story. I guess ultimately that’s how felt Sunday night. I checked out book one of I don’t know how many. But, I finished feeling there would’ve been more to story.

The graphic novel is a unique storytelling medium. It allows the characters to tell the story which by no means make the art any easier. If anything, I have a lot of respect for those in the graphic novel arena. Although, I believe it’ll be a while till I jump into my next graphic novel. Until then I can get by without the pictures.


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